It pays to work with synfis

We are your technical full-service partner for your ATMs and other branch systems.

Service agreements with over 300 banks nationwide

We maintain your self-service devices from all manufacturers

Certified service partner of Finanz-Informatik since 2008

You can bank on us for all your critical infrastructure: We guarantee the proper functioning and maintenance of your payment and deposit systems, from ATMs and statement printers to self-service terminals. Our Service Technicians take charge of the commissioning, regular maintenance and repair of self-service devices for savings banks, Sparda Banks, cooperative and private banks throughout Germany.

Service portfolio

We take care of the installation and commissioning on site, from the initial infrastructure check to the setup, configuration, and training of your team.

We monitor the availability of your systems and can respond immediately via remote control in the event of a malfunction.

We handle the scheduling and performance of all legally required and manufacturer-recommended maintenance, contractually agreed special maintenance, and regular DGUV V3 testing. In addition, we assist with inspection bodies, counterfeit money checks and ATM tests.

With 180 technical specialists in the field, we guarantee that your self-service equipment nationwide will be quickly restored to working order in case of any malfunction.

We manage the refitting and retooling of your spare parts at our in-house Repair Center and take care of the associated logistics.

We are your partner for rollouts such as upgrades and retrofits of your self-service equipment. We prepare a project plan according to your specifications and supervise the progress of the project up to full implementation.

We help to ensure sustainable equipment use and longer service life by overhauling defective modules at our in-house Repair Center.

We buy and sell factory-refurbished used equipment from all manufacturers and equipment types to provide a cost-effective alternative to new purchases.

We ensure that any devices no longer in use are de-installed and professionally disposed of by our certified partners.

100% customer focus

We give you time and independence

synfis is present throughout Germany, from the Baltic coast to the Black Forest, ensuring the smooth operation of your local self-service infrastructure.

We work without subcontractors and are solely responsible for the central control, active monitoring and reliable maintenance of your technical branch systems –to increase availability, proactively initiate repair measures and lighten the load on your technical departments.

Our Service Technicians are certified specialists with standardized technical equipment who regularly receive additional training at our in-house training center. They are available to you as a permanent contact throughout Germany and maintain an electronic fault logbook, including fully automated history checks for each of your devices, to give you transparent, real-time insights into the entire service process whenever you need them.

We work swiftly to ensure the smooth operation and high availability of your branch systems from all manufacturers.

Always there for you

Future-facing and dependable

synfis in figures


service calls nationwide each year


modules from various manufacturers at 40 logistics bases


technical specialists in the field for you


We guarantee a seamless transition when you choose synfis to service your ATMs and other branch systems. Our partnership begins even before the first maintenance call: in the implementation phase, your responsible Service Manager will coordinate the transfer of technical services and discuss all performance-related issues with you up front. The goal here is to provide you with tailored, sustainable solutions that fulfill all your individual requirements.

We keep more than 30,000 modules from various manufacturers in stock at 40 logistics bases and work with reliable logistics partners to deliver even highly specialized spare parts to our Service Technicians nationwide and overnight in casea repair is needed. So we reduce your dependence on manufacturer delivery times and prevent unnecessary downtime for your payment and deposit systems.

We ensure that our employees regularly receive instruction and training on the latest technologies and equipment from our Product Management team. Our own Training Center is equipped with test units from all manufacturers in all business areas to familiarize our Service Technicians with the latest hardware and to provide them with extensive initial and ongoing training with the help of specialized trainers. In addition, a fully digital information system supports our internal knowledge transfer.

Our web-based ticket system gives our customers access to all currently submitted tickets at any time and allows them to create new tickets. Every time a Service Technician changesthe status of a ticket via mobile app, this update is instantly visible in the ticket system. You also receive a fully automatic and immediate service report by e-mail after every service call. We refrain from making physical printouts to avoid using paper unnecessarily while helping to protect the environment. In addition, you receive a detailed report of all service work performed within a time frame agreed with you.

Yes, we can link our synfis system with customers’ own ticket systems via a special interface, known as a RESTful API, that ensures a reliable exchange of data.                  Our integrated IT solution links the systems without creating redundant work steps or collecting duplicate data. What’s more, it fully automates the transmission of fault reports, on-site calls and service reports in real time.

Our Service Managers are on hand as direct contacts to advise you on any technical or commercial topics. We support you during the implementation phase, during the change of service provider, and with all ongoing concerns. In regular, personal reviews, your responsible Service Manager will also inform you about all recent work performed on the basis of key performance indicators.

As a full-service provider that is not tied to any specific products or manufacturers, we can offer our customers an impartial consultation on new equipment. We will be happy to share our experience regarding the operational stability of ATMs and other branch systems based on the numbers of faults on these devices logged with the respective data center.

We can offer you factory refurbished used equipment from all manufacturers and specifications, providing a genuine alternative to costly new purchases. In addition, we keep cash cassettes for all validated ATMs in stock. If you outsource your ATM support to a cash-in-transit company and require second sets of cash cassettes for the relevant machines, we can supply these.

As part of our range of services, we advise on and carry out upgrades and retrofits of self-service devices, for example when required by the data center.